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carapaces's Journal

Shells To Smash or Words Set To Feelings
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Zoology. A hard bony or chitinous outer covering, such as the fused dorsal plates of a turtle or the portion of the exoskeleton covering the head and thorax of a crustacean.

A protective, shell-like covering likened to that of a turtle or crustacean: “He used to worry that Sarah would age the same way, develop the same brittle carapace” (Anne Tyler).


We are vessels composed of flesh and feelings, one as crucial as the other to general survival and overall vitality. Our focus is the latter. How are you feeling? Which sounds, smells, and images are capturing your emotional scope right now, today--what is your carapace du jour?

Yes, what shell are you currently composing? Post a song, picture, short story, descriptive paragraph, or anything transmittable via the interweb to let everyone know. In turn, compare, contrast, and be influenced by other carapaces.

Emotions are not about slanted haircuts (unless, of course, yours are). Catharsis and joy and all other mutes and extremes make us up. Let us cherish, release, and grow.